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Dustin Scott (29), a native of Minnesota, is a highly accomplished dirt track racer from the midwest with a multitude of top wins and championships. He is one of the highest rated drivers coming out of dirt track racing.


Perseverance, determination and drive are qualities that no one will contest that Dustin Scott possesses. Born into a racing family, he spent his summertime and Saturday nights at the local dirt track, watching and learning. While some kids were going to Little League games and playing video games, Dustin had a different up-bringing. He spent his free time riding dirt bikes, working on his Dad’s race car and sweeping up the floors at the race shop. Although this childhood was not typical, Dustin was able to see the benefits early on. He became his dad’s crew chief in his teens and began to get the bug to race himself early on. In 2009, at the age of 22, Dustin began his own racing career. He started out racing on those same local dirt tracks from his childhood. For some it may have seemed as though he was just born with natural talent, but those close to him knew that it was that natural talent mixed with hard work that had him winning races early on. Year after year, Dustin’s racing career progressed to bigger tracks, better competition and faster cars. All in all, Dustin has collected over 80 wins, 3 championships and too many trophies to fit in the trophy case. In 2016, Dustin was presented with an amazing opportunity to race with the Robby Gordon Stadium Super Trucks Series.


 March 3-6                Adelaide, Australia

 March 11-13            St. Petersburg, FL

 April 15-17               Long Beach, CA

 June 3-5                    Detroit, MI

 July 8-10                   Townsville, Australia

 July 15-17                 Toronto, Canada

 September 2-4       TBA

 September 16-18   Costa Mesa, CA

 October 21-23        Gold Coast, Australia

 November 4-6        Auckland, New Zealand

 November 25-27    Sydney, Australia

2016 events


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 July 15-17                         Toronto, Canada

 July 15-17                      Toronto, Canada

 July 15-17                   Toronto, Canada

 July 15-17                   Toronto, Canada